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forest giant black soap

forest giant black soap

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  • gentle blend of nourishing organic and fair trade oils
  • activated charcoal absorbs odour and impurities
  • high levels of vitamin A, E, F + antioxidants nourish the skin, negating the need for expensive body lotions
  • earthy forest floor scent
  • hand made in Adelaide
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olive oil^, coconute oil^*, shea butter^*, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), castor oil, sodium lactate, charcoal, carrot seed essential oil, argan oil, essential oils (mandarin, juniper berry, ginger, lemon, patchouli, lime leaf, sage, vetyver), rosemary oleoresin extract.

^ certified organic

* fair trade & wild harvested

Key benefits

Our activated charcoal is like a black hole, swallowing up whole galaxies of odour and the toxins, impurities and bacteria that cause it.


It is said that Forest Giants don't bathe, but we bet that if they did, they would use our black shower soap. Charcoal from the burnt shells of coconuts is used as a cleansing agent (don't be surprised if this lathers grey!). Shea butter and argan oil nourish the skin, leaving it smooth and supple.


Forest giant scent is sweet and earthy. Roots and rich, woody notes lay a grounding base. Layers of mulched leaves, a little sunlight and plenty of pure, sweet rainwater balance out the middle. Freshly fallen citrus leaves, lemon and mandarin peel bring an uplifting top for the giant in you to roll around in.


Lather in your hands and then apply to your body and face, massaging gently. Rinse thoroughly.

Alternatively, lather using a shower towel (we recommend Sasawashi) and apply the lather using a gentle circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.

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down to earth

Activated charcoal draws out all the odour causing impurities you've built up so that you can start off fresh again.

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